Surface finishing is the treatment that brings out the esthetic features of the material.  The ornamental function and also some technical characteristics (e.g. its resistance to wear and weather conditions or its slipperiness) are strongly influenced by the surface finishing applied to the product.  Depending on the treatment, we can divide the finishing into mechanical, impact and chemical methods.


Original, in-house finish of our own that gives the natural stone an aged effect as if the tile has already been used intensively for many years.

Bush hammered

Working the surface with a pointed hammer creates uneven irregularities in the structure of the tile. Feels rather rough, with an anti-slip effect.


The shiniest and smoothest finish by far, which presents the colours, veins and fossil structures at their most visible and intense. A mirror effect is created in dark shades. 

Hand honed​

Scouring the natural stone considerably reduces the traces of sawing. The result is an even surface. Suitable for outdoor applications.


The temperature shock after flaming the tile leads to natural cracking on the surface. This gives the natural stone a rough texture. Ideal for outdoor applications thanks to its anti-slip properties.


Based on the well-known, pure craft.Often used for paving stones and façade cladding.The parallel lines on the surface are typical of this finish.


The surface of the natural stone is scoured until a warm, matt shine is obtained. The grain used for scouring determines the result obtained. Suitable for countless interior applications.


A rather solid finish, which highlights the intense, natural colors of the natural stone.

Dark hand honed

Scouring the surface lends the natural stone a deep, dark tint. Light colour nuances give the tile a warm, contemporary appearance.


The serrated edges of the tile bring out the aged character that this surface treatment aims to achieve.


Sandblasting the stone gives the slab or tile a rough, fine-grained look and feel.


An aged appearance with an idiosyncratic, contemporary touch. Exclusively for Kilkenny Limestone.